My jewellery making journey started in my teens, with a bracelet I wanted but couldn't afford. I had a go at making one myself, it wasn't great! It obviously sparked something as since then I've tried many different techniques. My early years were textiles, beads and found objects based. I love learning and booked myself onto a course at London Jewellery School for a week of intense jewellery skills. 2 days of which were working with silver clay. Working with metal hadn't really crossed my mind until then but I loved it! 

After that I found an evening class in my hometown. In our first lesson we made a plain silver band, I still think its magical being able to take a piece of metal and make a piece of jewellery! I love rings but could never find affordable ones that fit. Problem solved when you can create yourself bespoke rings! The next few lessons were stone setting and that was me hooked. Shiny metal and pretty coloured stones... what's not to love? 

Once I had run out of fingers for all my pretty rings I decided it was time to push myself. I enrolled in another LJS course, this time a Silver Diploma. This built on what I had already learned but took it to a much higher quality and gave me lots of brand new skills and confidence, achieving a distinction overall. 

I love being able to transform silver and gems into beautiful, wearable treasures. I take inspiration from the night sky, vintage finds and the magic of circles. 

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