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Necklace Length Guide

It can be hard when buying jewellery online to visualise the size of the piece you are buying. One of the questions I often get asked about is how a necklace will look when worn, where will it sit on your body. Necklace chains come in some standard lengths and I tend to favour a 45cm chain.

Do consider your body type, your face shape and what clothing you might like to wear your new necklace with. Below is a guide to help you visualise wearing your piece of Tori Foster Jewellery.

Unless stated otherwise, my pendants come on a 45cm chain but if you know you can a different length, do let me know as I will easily be able to change the chain. There may be a small additional fee for longer chains.

When you are ready, you can view my necklaces below and treat yourself to something beautiful!

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